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SEO Services

We at Low Cost Web Designs believe that just developing a full fledged website is not enough. We lay equal importance on making your website get a global reach. Since majority of the people today search for information in search engines we strive to make your website search engine friendly.

For just about £35 per month we can do a continuous web marketing campaign for your website where we submit your website to all websites in the market promoting back links. This effort will definitely boost your website rankings in this way. However the minimum term for such work is 4 months.

For just about £100 we can get 100 back links back to your website which again helps in getting good rankings for your website. The better plan is to go for £200 strategy where we get 1,000 back links to your website.

We can also submit your website to all major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN for just £10. However it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the search engine to list your website.

We also specialise in developing SEO rich content for your website. Search engines only catch text and don’t recognize pictures and videos. We take this aspect in mind while developing text for your website and we include the most important and commonly used keywords in the text. The keywords are a combination of words that the user normally types in the search engine.

We can also write articles pertaining to your business and website and then submit them to article directories.

We insert the proper titles in your web pages and also add the important keywords as meta tags for each page. For images, we insert important words in the Alt Tag. In case of inserting graphics in your website we ensure that all graphics are optimised so that they take less time to download. For displaying images we offer the thumbnail option so that the visitor can simply get an idea of what is there in the image. If he/she wants to enlarge the image then he/she can simply click on the thumbnail.

We can even send you a report as to how your website is faring with the search engines and how effective your keywords are. We even suggest alternative keywords that you can use on your website to make it more SEO friendly.

Our experienced team can strip all unnecessary code form your website and remove all unnecessary tags as well. This will provide your website a clean look and optimize it for loading faster. We can insert all the useful meta tags in your website to optimise it. We can also provide a monthly report of how your home page is faring so that you get an idea as to how many people are visiting the website. We can put in extra efforts to make your home page more user friendly as this is the most important page of the website than other pages.

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