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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: I have tried to sign up for your service but I constantly get messages like: "Warning! Check your security code!". I am sure I the code I type is absolutely correct
A: Please turn your cookies on, this should solve your problem, however if you still cannot pass through the robot check, please disable any firewalls that you might have installed on your computer.
2. Q: My web site (written in php) has difficulty to display the symbols £, € etc. When text is called from a database, how can this be rectified?
A: Here are several things you need to set up in order to have these signs displayed correctly: - Inside Control Panel, phpMyAdmin should be set to the following unicode standard: 'utf-8'; - Meta tags on all pages should be: <meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8'> - All texts should be imported in the database using unicode standard: 'utf-8' as well;
3. Q: I want to close my existing account, how can i do that?
A: For account closure and/or any billing inquiries please fill out the form on the Contact Us page on our web site.
4. Q: how long will it take to get our website running
A: depends on the size of the site and what needs doing
5. Q: What should I do in order to use my already registered domain name with your web hosting service?
A: You will need to just change your nameservers to point to our servers, details can be supplied on request.
6. Q: can hosting be supplied along with our website design
A: yes no problem at all, you will find our hosting service is second to none with great support teams
7. Q: What is DNS and how does it work?
A: The domain name server (DNS) is the way that Internet domain names are located and translated into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Domain Name Server, a program running on a server which automatically translates domain names from http://www.domain.com/ into their correct TCP/IP addresses, eg
8. Q: What is CSS
A: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is a simple styling language which allows attaching style to HTML elements. Every element type as well as every occurance of a specific element within that type can be declared an unique style, e.g. margins, positioning, color or size.
9. Q: Do You have Backup Servers
A: there are back up servers in place but this is only a backup of the server made at certain times, if you wish to have a website backup you can choose this as an extra service ( also see our Client Shop )
10. Q: do you offer ongoing support with your services
A: yes we always offer FREE support with our services whether by email or phone
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We recently used Barry for our new website and were highly delighted with the professional template produced. Exactly the type of design we were looking for. The site was up and running in record time and is already producing encouraging results. We shall also be using Barry for website promotion work to improve our rating in search results. Thanks again Barry. John & Brenda

John & Brenda


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